A New Legacy

A New Legacy

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Yurie Being Yurie By YurieTheAkwardAuthor Completed

This is a continuation of my previous novel 'The Six Heroes'. 

They have been told of a new threat. Ty (Deadlox), Tyler (MunchingBroTato), and Ian (Ssundee). 

It is up to Sky (SkyDoesMinecraft), Jin (Jinbop), Aphmau, Cory (NewScapePro), Shelby (Shubble), Ross (YourPalRoss), and Max (Mithzan) to stop them. 

Will they be strong enough to fulfill this Destiny. 

Will they be able to handle the strain. 
The burden. 

Will they be able to physically and mentally fight every challenge. 

Will they be able to save the world. 

After all not all stories will have a happy ending.

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FlowerRosa12 FlowerRosa12 Sep 14, 2017
Yeeeeeaaaaaah!!! YOU GO ROSS!! :-D
                              My only fear for now is that guy will come back and maybe kidnap someone in the group.
corisk corisk Jul 26, 2016
Um why do I get the feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeling threat he's going to come back and take Shelby
datsillysylveon datsillysylveon Aug 05, 2016
That is not. A good. Match up. Don't put Max. And Cory. And Ross. Together. That is not a good. Match up.
DreamTeam1017 DreamTeam1017 Jan 23, 2017
Is this a sequel or a prequel? I'm kinda confused. If so, a sequel/prequel to what book?
Cutepuppu6 Cutepuppu6 Feb 18, 2017
I cant tell if the tec( tv and things)thing was sarcasum or bot
Luna9911 Luna9911 Aug 17, 2016
I feel like there's going to be a plot twist. There always is....