Calzona - Together Again

Calzona - Together Again

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Grey's Anatomy
Callie and Arizona fan fiction. 
- Following Season 12 -
::Notice - in this version MARK IS ALVIE::

Arizona did not know what she was going to do without her baby girl and the love of her life for the first semester of Sofia's school in New York. She got Sofia for Christmas, but she had five months until she was to see her baby again. She wasn't sure the next time she would see Calliope. All she knew was that she was miserable and alone, but she would do anything to make her Calliope happy. Even if it meant sending her away to be with someone she loves with Arizona's daughter. 

They were on the plane. Surprisingly, Calliope didn't feel the goosebumps or the butterflies she expected to get on her way to live with Penny. Maybe she just needed to see Penny to get excited. But right now, she just felt... nauseated. Something was not right, but she just couldn't put her finger on it. Shrugging off the strange feeling, she buckles Sofia and herself up, and she looks out the window during take off. Goodbye Arizona. She thinks to herself. "Oh Penny." She says. "Please be worth leaving Seattle."

The halls in the hospital felt grey and abandoned without Calliope's bright smile around every corner. It felt vacant. It felt empty. 
Arizona was soon to discover that it was not the hospital hallways that were grey, abandoned, vacant and empty. 
That was her feelings. 

When Calliope arrives to New York and discovers devastating news, she doesn't know what to do. It's an unknown, unexplored city and all she had was Sofia for company. She gets a hotel, and she experiences her first panic attack.
She felt small, hopeless...

What if they were wrong?
What if they didn't fight hard enough?
What if they're still in love?

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Anja_jgr Anja_jgr Aug 31, 2016
Hahaha you're so funny... NOOOTTT everytime chasing cars goes on someone died. EVERY SINGLE TIME
Calzona_animegaming Calzona_animegaming Oct 29, 2016
Hearing the song sang from the cast and reading these lines I randomly start crying 😢😭