Relics of the Time God

Relics of the Time God

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Chrisxking By Chrisxking Updated Aug 29, 2013

"My eyes burn... T-the last thing I remember was the bright light... X-Xeno are you there?" A voice cried out  

"Yeah I'm fine I'm just feeling the burning sensation in my eyes..." Xeno mumbles. I rub my eyes furiously "Damn that light..." my vision starts to come back. All I see is a blurry image of the world around me  

"X-Xeno Where the hell are we!?' I yell out pointing to the futuristic buildings.

Xeno's vision starts to come back slowly.

"I-I don't know... maybe a different country? Or world?"  He mutters looking off into the distance. He stands up and puts his hand on his forehead. 

"Oh boy what have we gotten ourselves into?"

I stand up behind him "I can't even think...." I put my hand on my forehead. "Maybe we... shouldn't have messed with that clock." I let out a frustrated sigh. 

Xeno shakes his head again "Let's look around the area for clues." Xeno starts to look on the ground, where we woke up. "Dammit no clues" he sighs and sits down "Akio try and think as hard as...

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