The Child They Never Knew

The Child They Never Knew

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spiderbails By spiderbails Updated Aug 20, 2018

Featuring : you!
somewhat au, starts between Age of Ultron and Civil War

Steve and Nat had always been close; but when they started sharing dreams, they got worried. These weren't ordinary dreams; they were vivid. Someone calling to them, begging for help. Someone they, for some reason, felt particularly close to. These dreams lead them on an adventure that will change their lives forever.

I changed the Mature Option to Yes just in case I want to add some steamy scenes. ;D There will be language, though.

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jubie1234 jubie1234 Sep 05, 2017
Could you put in the story where the reader is kidnapped by Hydra and turned into a new winter soldier and get a metal arm
hiccup779102 hiccup779102 May 02, 2018
TS-1. Hmmm. Taylor Swift??? In calling (Y/N) Taylor from now on. Lol XD
its_urqueen its_urqueen Aug 02, 2016
Omg ahhh I love this... Ur my fav person because I make ouat and avengers book I am so overly obsessed with both
kailaid kailaid Aug 31, 2018
Fourth wall: sdjcehihefriujjioferrwfijojiofrwohuwrfjioferkjdfjkefojfsjjkdfkndfjkkdfjfweaoieijwjwe
Language 😂 (I know someone is gonna understand that reference)