An Arranged Marriage ✿ e.g.d.

An Arranged Marriage ✿ e.g.d.

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I can't believe that my parents, my own fucking parents are doing this to me! Forcing me to marry a guy that I've never met and that they've met once briefly. Who even does that? 

Hi, I'm Skylar but I like to be called Sky. Im being forced to marry some guy in 8 months because my parent think "it's time I move out and start my own family" like HELLO? I'm 19 years old, I'm hardly an adult and they're just sending me off with some random guy my age. He could be like a rapist or something and they're completely fine with us getting married. What the hell.


Skylar and Ethan live happily as newlyweds , that is until two little blue lines change their lives

"Happy birthday!" Skylar says handing Ethan a long skinny box from an old watch. 
"Oh my god! What? No way. I'm gonna be a dad?" He asks after examining the pregnancy test inside. "Yep" she nods happily. Before Ethan wraps his strong arms around her making her feel at home. Just like his wedding vows had said.

Do he going to change ur mind and f him everyday bc he is hot as helll
ilena_lgr ilena_lgr Aug 29
I wanna go back,
                              Forget that it's over 
                              Paint it in black,
                              When u left me alone 
1 TELL ME PRETTY LIES LOOK ME IN MY FACE TELL ME THAT YOU LOVE ME EVEN OF ITS FAKE CAUSE IDFC AT ALL 2 I was listening to that song and I'm starting to think the illuminati is real
Ally_dolan Ally_dolan Aug 07
Omg this makes me realize how hard life is as an adult now I don't want to be adult
I'm actually scared of dolls and manniquins even the words scare me. Omg I literally shivered while saying that
I feel bad for the people who have to make a clean version of this song. That's gonna b hard with the amount of times they said f ing