Forgotten Love

Forgotten Love

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Eclipse By KittyKat000000 Updated 4 days ago

Well Aphmau is a pretty nice girl. Unless you pick on her. Which her whole school does. She wears a cloak and a mask to shield herself from others.

She had 2 true friends, Aaron and Travis,. She's picked on by Garroth and his group which has Zane, Jeffrey, Laurence, Zane, Dante, Katelyn, Nicole, Zoey and many more.

Aphmau moves around a lot. She lost her parents at age 14 and now she's 16, has a house, goes to school, and has some friends.

Even if she's picked on Aphmau is always happy. Many know her by her old name Lady Thor. Only her parents and her know who she really is.

Aaron and Travis help her with her YouTube channel Aphmau Gaming....

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