The Forgotten Girl

The Forgotten Girl

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Smol bean By Silly_Smol_Bean Updated 7 hours ago

Everyone knows about the second wizarding war. Eveyone know that's Fred Weasley lost his life.
But no body knew that she did too.

Emma Summers the same year as the beloved Harry Potter was the forgotten Hufflepuff. Never loved or known which left her bitter and sad, not the traits you would want for the house of the kind

And when she doesn't cross over to the other side she meets another ghost one that even in death is still causing mischief.

This was probably just a typo, but the spell is spelt "Avada Kedavra". Just a small thing you could fix if you have time. :)
This is so sadd.... It's a nice plot tho!!!!!💛💛💛💛
Loving this story idea! Can't wait to see where you go with it