Oral Sex

Oral Sex

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M. Jesse Blatt By michtifus Updated Feb 20

This is a story about me. Not exactly a biography. That felt sort of arrogant to me. But I began my adult life in the 80's and if you dont know it already,  it was a great time to be alive and living in Southern California!  From it, I have some great stories to tell.  They're wild and fantastic and I remember them all. So, rather than the story of my life, this will be more like a fun romp thru my sex life! 

Some of it you'll find erotic. MOST of you will find at least SOME of it shocking!  (I know even I do!)   Mostly, though, I think you'll laugh.  Because it turns out that when I write about it, it's comedy. Here's the craziest part:


Of course, the names have been changed - to protect, well... Me!  (There are no innocent parties here.) Very few people are as transparent as I am! 

As of this moment, in fact, my life is QUITE LITERALLY an open book! (Hehe! I crack myself up!)

It is an unfinished work. I am adding stories a chapter at a time. I'm hoping enough of you will love it by the time I'm done, to warrant putting it into print!

SO... If you like it, please pass it on! SHARE IT with anyone else you think might enjoy it. And... 

CLICK ON THOSE 🌟's! They're at the end of each chapter. The more of those I get, the higher up on the list of recommended reading I will go.

Okay... Ya ready? If you read it out loud, it could be said that we're about to have Oral Sex!

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