Oral Sex

Oral Sex

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M. Jesse Blatt By michtifus Updated Nov 28

This is a story about me. Not exactly a biography. That felt sort of arrogant to me. I mean, what makes me so special, right?  But I have some great stories to tell.  So, think of it more as a fun romp thru my sexlife!

Mostly, I think you'll find it funny. Some of it, erotic. Some of it, you may even find shocking. (Okay. MOST of you will find at least SOME of it shocking.) ALL OF IT REALLY HAPPENED!  

Of course, most of the names have been changed - to protect the innocent(?) - I don't think so!   (There's no innocent parties here.) It's to protect me!  Very few people are as transparent as I am! Who needs a lawsuit?

As of this moment, in fact, my life is QUITE LITERALLY an open book! (Hehe! I crack myself up!)

It is an unfinished work. I am adding stories a chapter at a time. I'm hoping enough of you will love it by the time I'm done to warrant putting it into print!

SO... If you like it, pass it on! SHARE IT with anyone else you think might enjoy it. And... 

CLICK ON THOSE ?'s! They're at the end of each chapter. The more of those I get, the higher up on the list of recommended reading I will go.

Okay... Ya ready? If you read it outloud, it could be said that we're about to have Oral Sex!

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hahahahaha sounds like something i would do if i was like i am now at a younger age..... if that makes any sense
michtifus michtifus Jan 26
The older i get the more i wanna be like Britney Spears and let my freak flag fly!
ddlgwuver ddlgwuver Jun 01
Why is it shocking that I’ve heard of a story like this.....the no shirt and the luvs baby powder....dude I feel like one of my friends told me this story
TheLucifuge TheLucifuge Feb 19
I don't know how but reading your introduction has made my day. (:
                              "Oral Sex" here I come! q:
                              P.S. I'm fulfilling my promise to you.
seyekoms seyekoms Mar 03
Aw same. I didn’t know I liked girls til my senior year. And that’s considering I was on the volleyball team all throughout high school. Thinking back on it .wooooooooow I’ve seen some amazing, drop dead gorgeous girls! 😔 can’t go back now
Kksmilesss Kksmilesss Jul 28
I still feel that way. That's why I'm transitioning soon.....