Arranged Marriage With My Teacher! [T A E H Y U N G]

Arranged Marriage With My Teacher! [T A E H Y U N G]

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What's going to happen if you are arranged marriage with your teacher??

A  19 years old girl well can I say 18 because she's not officially 19 arranged marriage with her teacher will they end up loving each other or they will go to their own path find out .

Read if you want NO Hate even though you hate me I still love you guys. I'm not really good in English so just bare with my english.. 

If there's any similarity it's just a coincidence. 


감사함니다 Enjoy my lovely hoes.

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Ps: please DON'T plagarise this book. This is my first book if you guys want to copy some of my plot comment and don't FORGET TO GIVE ME CREDITS GUYS. Thank you 감사


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