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xqueend23 By xqueend23 Updated Mar 21

September 4, 2016
Miami, Florida
11:22 pm
Beyonce Knowles

"Bey, you know we gotta get the shit lit because bitch it's yo birthday right? Am I fucking right?" I chuckled shaking my head at Sol, she forever being extra on my days like this. 

"Yes sol, now you gotta chill because it's my day and I should be the one as lit as you are so please take it down a notch baby sister." Sol rolled her eyes flipping me off.

"Bey is it me or is brother man checking you out hella hard." Kelly said sipping from her tequila. I raise my eyebrow. 


"Child turn yo big ass head." Sol said motioning to whoever. I flipped her off turning my head looking at this brown skin looking nigga, I scoffed turning my head laughing.

"Y'all tried it.." 

"Bitch he sexy..the hell you looking at?" I shrugged sipping from my grey goose, I wasn't much of a drinker but it's bey-day so I deserve to kick back and relax. 

"Robyn!" I threw a lemon at her, she frowned her eyebrows still typing away on her phone...

-PoeticDesires- -PoeticDesires- Dec 25, 2016
Vodka and water and a lemon(aid album) 🍋 and a few other things I cannot mention 🙊
                              Lmfao I'm late asf with this book
FionaAsi FionaAsi Aug 06, 2016
Typa question is that Dash? 😒 Keeeeeeep it bih. 🙌🙌🙌
worst1 worst1 Aug 11, 2016
Better have Robyn go outside the store and wave her arms like them little balloon things that be infront of the stores she could pass for one 😭 JK
derpy_awesomeness derpy_awesomeness Aug 10, 2016
Ima just say robz got tired of nic Nac and got some of that Bumble Bey 😭
Bvnkroll_DaDa Bvnkroll_DaDa Aug 30, 2016
Michelle I know yo hump in the back wide neck ass ain't talkin
Bvnkroll_DaDa Bvnkroll_DaDa Aug 30, 2016
Biiiiitch WHY TF AM I LATE!!!!???😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂