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September 4, 2016
Miami, Florida
11:22 pm
Beyonce Knowles

"Bey, you know we gotta get the shit lit because bitch it's yo birthday right? Am I fucking right?" I chuckled shaking my head at Sol, she forever being extra on my days like this. 

"Yes sol, now you gotta chill because it's my day and I should be the one as lit as you are so please take it down a notch baby sister." Sol rolled her eyes flipping me off.

"Bey is it me or is brother man checking you out hella hard." Kelly said sipping from her tequila. I raise my eyebrow. 


"Child turn yo big ass head." Sol said motioning to whoever. I flipped her off turning my head looking at this brown skin looking nigga, I scoffed turning my head laughing.

"Y'all tried it.." 

"Bitch he sexy..the hell you looking at?" I shrugged sipping from my grey goose, I wasn't much of a drinker but it's bey-day so I deserve to kick back and relax. 

"Robyn!" I threw a lemon at her, she frowned her eyebrows still typing away on her phone...

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riojoycee riojoycee Jul 12
I just wanna know how u finger somebody IN they clit... I'll wait💀
I'm deadass reading this while my gma and my aunt is sitting right next to me
-MudaSuka- -MudaSuka- Dec 25, 2016
Vodka and water and a lemon(aid album) 🍋 and a few other things I cannot mention 🙊
                              Lmfao I'm late asf with this book
Bvnkroll_DaDa Bvnkroll_DaDa Aug 30, 2016
Michelle I know yo hump in the back wide neck ass ain't talkin
Bvnkroll_DaDa Bvnkroll_DaDa Aug 30, 2016
Biiiiitch WHY TF AM I LATE!!!!???😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂