This One Time At Band Camp A Markiplier X Reader

This One Time At Band Camp A Markiplier X Reader

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Skylar jones By sansandpapyrus1 Updated Jul 26, 2016

(Cover by Shuploc!!! It's amazing!!! Not mine!!!)

I was sitting in my room board out of my mind. It's summer and I was 18. I was looking at my phone for things to do when mom walked in. "Honey? I found you something to do!" She said smiling. Oh no this was never a good sentence to start out with.

"What is it?" I state in a questionable tone. "I didn't ask your permission, but I figured you would like it anyway!" She continued. "I signed you up for band camp!!" You rolled your eyes and moaned. "Mom, I told you I wasn't going this year!" You shout back at her. "I know but you are going. I'm exited for you!" With that she left the room. Ughh band camp. It would be my first time since I put it off until this year.

"Why do I have to go? My trumpet skills are not looking so good! I'm gonna be in the bottom of the class!" I continued to complain. "Do you want your white shirt or your black dress?" She states trying to change the subject. "I love you mom, but sometimes you are ver...

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Musicalnerd300 Musicalnerd300 Jul 24, 2017
You have a great title. Serious click bait for anyone who gets the reference
Musicalnerd300 Musicalnerd300 Jul 24, 2017
This is pretty accurate. I can play trumpet but I never really got into it so I'm terrible. Why is it so bad that I have to sit next to "Fish"? He's cute!
peridotsmart peridotsmart Oct 29, 2017
my name is ethanphilnestorchilddarlingmarkjackseanfelixdanpieshit. you? XD
Willowbean01170 Willowbean01170 Sep 19, 2017
*Scrolling through recommended story's* 
                              * Stumbles upon cover*
                              "Why hello there!"
shada-de-da-dum shada-de-da-dum Aug 25, 2017
Lol I play the viola in orchestra but not anymore because it got boring and my music teacher looks like a freakin crackhead
Cutie-puff Cutie-puff Nov 12, 2017
Alto Sax! The trumpets in my band are jerks and bully everyone so everyone hates them all except one and she's a senior dating my brother.