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Whisked away (pianist! Levi x Singer! Reader)

Whisked away (pianist! Levi x Singer! Reader)

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Hacked by Blondey- 2016 By starlet_emend Updated Oct 17, 2016

--all this sound and I'm still deaf.--

Levi, an unknown pianist with great talent just waiting to be shared. 

A girl, who's voice goes unheard and brings people to tears with the undeniable emotions captive within it.

                 --"you can see the notes, but can you hear them?"--

He clenched his fists as he looked at the person before him. She held a bright smile on her face even after hell with everything.

"Don't you get it yet?" She asked him, cheerfulness in her voice.

His glare only hardened as he glared daggers at her. If looks could kill, oh he would have done far beyond killing with her.

"All this sound, the melodies, the music. You were wondering how I brought them to tears right? You seriously still don't see it? It's important not to get whisked away with all this noise, or you'll just end up playing what no one feels. So Levi, play from what you feel, not what you hear."

AdaGOL AdaGOL Jul 26, 2016
Can't wait to see how this book turns out! XD Take all the time you need to write it! :D
musicandanime_nerd musicandanime_nerd Oct 17, 2016
Yeah I'm like that I like to sit on a high up place and let the wind whisk through my hair however cheesy that is xp
jazzeypl jazzeypl 5 days ago
When will the next chapter come out!!!!!!!!!!!
                              I NEED MORE!!!!!!!!!!!
kawaiiLUVluv kawaiiLUVluv Nov 15, 2016
I cant even comprehend what just.... every one else is mad, am i spose to be mad?
StormShips26 StormShips26 Jul 25, 2016
Sounds good to me! Take your tine so you can put in details, don't rush the story! You have my support
kawaiiLUVluv kawaiiLUVluv Nov 15, 2016
COOLIST DO EVER! IMMA TRY RIGHT NOW! (fyi im highly impretionalbal and a HUGE BAKA)