Whisked away (pianist! Levi x Singer! Reader)

Whisked away (pianist! Levi x Singer! Reader)

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sealtheum's bichh By starlet_emend Updated Oct 17, 2016

--all this sound and I'm still deaf.--

Levi, an unknown pianist with great talent just waiting to be shared. 

A girl, who's voice goes unheard and brings people to tears with the undeniable emotions captive within it.

                 --"you can see the notes, but can you hear them?"--

He clenched his fists as he looked at the person before him. She held a bright smile on her face even after hell with everything.

"Don't you get it yet?" She asked him, cheerfulness in her voice.

His glare only hardened as he glared daggers at her. If looks could kill, oh he would have done far beyond killing with her.

"All this sound, the melodies, the music. You were wondering how I brought them to tears right? You seriously still don't see it? It's important not to get whisked away with all this noise, or you'll just end up playing what no one feels. So Levi, play from what you feel, not what you hear."

Same, it's more relaxing and it kinda feels like you're flying
I ain't tired of reading that but i kinda want an update quicker
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Ok I'm low key starting to get Tamaki vibes IS IT JUST ME OR???
In a tropical place, it feels like were in a oven.... But at night yes its really refreshing
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Hey The giver both book in movie we're amazing don't bash on it Asher gives me life XD
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My math teacher dabbed last day of school.... Mr. DeLaune is that you?!?!?!?!?