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Lady of Dreams

Lady of Dreams

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WRGingell By WRGingell Completed

Confined to her couch, Clovis Sohn spends her days and nights dreaming, drifting further away from the reality closest to her with each passing day. But Clovis's dreams are also real, showing her the outside world and people that she otherwise has no access to. As Clovis dreams and watches, she becomes caught up in the complicated love life of publishing assistant Ae-jung, an ordinary young woman who has three very different men in love with her.
  There is Clovis' mischievous half-brother Jessamy, arrogant writer Hyun-jun, and bored, playful composer Yong-hwa. Ae-jung is mistress of many secrets, not the least of which is her love for Hyun-jun, and neither Jessamy, with all his delightful humour, nor Yong-hwa, with his fondness for games and subtlety, can succeed.
  Jessamy is young enough to love again, and Hyun-jun is just beginning to learn to love, but it is playful Yong-hwa that Clovis connects with. Ae-jung's rejection of him hits as hard as his unexpected love for her did; and Clovis, who has always thrown her bread to the wounded bird over the healthy, decides that Yong-hwa needs another game to bring him back to himself.
  And in the end, perhaps it will take Yong-hwa to bring Clovis back to herself.
  BRIGHT AS THE EYES OF YOU is being written for a couple of reasons. First and foremost being that a favourite character of mine wasn't given a happy ending. This is the ending I would have written for him.
  The second reason is that I'm currently learning Korean. Eppa is a (very) loosely Korean-based fantasy country, which enables me to use some Korean words and customs, and means that I can have a bit of fun with some KDrama tropes. Yell out to me when you find them :D

cleversticks cleversticks Nov 06, 2016
I'm very interested in Carlin... Love the story, thank you for giving it to us!
BooksByIntisar BooksByIntisar Jul 29, 2016
Update? Update? Update? lol - awesome beginning and I am looking forward to enjoying the rest!