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Falling In Love With You

Falling In Love With You

11.6K Reads 753 Votes 13 Part Story
Slav x Shiro By QueenPidge Completed


College! Au where Lance and Keith share a dorm. Klance/Voltron Fanfic

It all started on the day that Lance, Keith, Hunk, and Pidge had to meet up with Shiro at the park, but lance forgot his bag...again.   And that's when everything went wrong. And a rivalry between friends turned into a complete all out war.
Lance takes 'falling for someone' a little too seriously. 

The pov changes within the story so have fun trying to find out who's pov it is

Kinda slow update but I hope you don't mind

Triggering scenes


gustintime gustintime Aug 05, 2016
Spes Daddey don cry (T - T) ILL EAT YOUR icECREM 
                              But Plz no boku no pico
randomfangirl27 randomfangirl27 Sep 09, 2016
Im pretty sure Pidge is the biggest Klance shipper out of all of us XD
KlanceInYourPants KlanceInYourPants Aug 02, 2016
You sure the bloody nose wasn't from something else *wink wink*
LeGoldenMarshmallow LeGoldenMarshmallow Sep 05, 2016
Making my way down town walking fast faces past and I'm homebound
randomfangirl27 randomfangirl27 Sep 09, 2016
Ahhh you made a fandom reference from the actual fandom. I can die happy knowing this exists. 😀
Keith needs to tone it down a few notches
                              Like goddamn.
                              If I was Lance id be like
                              "OML STFU, JESUS WHY YOU GOTTA BE SO RUUUDDDEEE"