VOLATILE  ~A Peter Pan OUAT Story~

VOLATILE ~A Peter Pan OUAT Story~

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Peter Pan Trash By curiosityanddreams Completed

Charlotte had only ever heard she was normal. When she lands on Neverland, it's no exception. She, like many others, is just another lost one. With one small exception.
Peter Pan, is anything but what he's supposed to be. He's rough edges, smirks and chaos. It's not easy, and apparently she's not allowed to leave the island
But she's not allowed to stay either. Charlotte, isn't even supposed to be there. Charlie, however, is allowed.
	And Charlie, unlike Pan, isn't here to play, he's here to escape.
	A take on the OC's journey to redeeming a villain. An exploration of darkness, violence, and when the ends no longer justify the means. Is home where you are, who you are with, or who you are?

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