Monster Musume: America

Monster Musume: America

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18Zacnichols By 18Zacnichols Updated Jan 23, 2017

Monster Musume is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Okayado. The series is published in Japan by Tokuma Shoten. I do not own Monster Musume. Please support the official release. 

This is strictly for fun and i will be allowing any followers to give me suggestions for pretty much anything; wether it be a new character, scenario, or anything that they think should be added. I will try to update this as often as i can and will be taking suggestions after chapter five (to set up the main story). This will have strong language, sexual scenarios, blood, violence, drugs and alcohol, and may reference other forms of media that i do not own. Readers discretion is advised (sorry for that i just don't want to have this taken down or for me to get in trouble) (fan art is welcome if you all like it)

This will be taking place in America (obviously) and some of the rules are a little different from japan. Over here the girls are still assigned to live with hosts but the more dangerous and larger subspecies are aloud in. Over here there is no rule that interspecies can hurt each other within reason, which makes some situations easier to defuse and some even more difficult.

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boogeyman905 boogeyman905 Oct 13, 2017
No kidding. Its funny how they spin webs on caffine or drugs.
beniciodeltaco beniciodeltaco Oct 24, 2017
If I had an arachne, I would spike every meal I gave them with the most caffeine I could just to see how they react.
Ghost___catrias Ghost___catrias Dec 09, 2017
Meanwhile... I actually got arachnophobia. ...i would have been gone in five seconds... Plus if this girl is like rachnera when she gets drunk off running like hell
PitaNemuritoare PitaNemuritoare Aug 02, 2017
Doesn't this reminds you of the black slavery? If I remember, half were against it and half were for it, right?
Shogunlordpoke Shogunlordpoke Sep 11, 2017
Members of the arachnid family basically get drunk on caffeine
18Zacnichols 18Zacnichols Jul 26, 2016
Thanks for reading. If there is anything you would like me to add don't be afraid to say so. I will be adding more characters soon and i want people to tell me what i should add