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lilacfrost021 By lilacfrost021 Updated Aug 03, 2018

He can't sleep.

Maybe it's because the boy is bathed in thick, fat covers. Yeah-- it's the heat. He's too hot, that's it.

Brendan sighs aloud. 

He can't keep lying to himself.

He knows it's not the heat. He's missing something. Someone...


His heart sinks every time he thinks of her. Yet, he still finds himself peeping through his window to see hers. Somehow, he dreams she'll show up and stare back. And throw handfuls of pebbles in attempt to wake him.

But she's not there, and he's awake. 

He heaves the covers off of his body angrily as the hot tears begin to pour down his face. He gasps as desperate cries escape his lips. He shakes and trembles, wishing she were here. With him. But she's not. 


Two months after May Maple claimed the title of Hoenn region's champion, she suddenly disappeared.  

After months of searching for the beloved girl, it was decided that she had run away. 

Brendan Birch can't accept it. A year after her disappearance, he is more reserved and cold. He's lonely. He's longing. 

But all begins to change when strange signs begin to point him back to the girl he loved, the girl he lost.