Mafia| Desiderio Book 1

Mafia| Desiderio Book 1

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"Do I make you wet?" He asked me breathing in my ear from behind me.

"No. You will never be able to" I said smirking proud I found my voice again. 

"Is that a Challenge? If yes then you're on"

He's the Mafia King

She's the Assassin

Giovanni Marco Enzo, The Mafia King, Arrogant, Cruel, Heartless, Sexy Greek God. His Mafia Family is number one, He's a Womanizer. He doesn't give a flys fuck about who's feeling he hurts. Walls are built around him so high that you'd be surprised to know he could look over it even though he is extremely Tall, 6'2 with incredible build, with empire so high and powerful he can get anything he wants but the one and only Isabella Denise.

Meet Isabella Denise, sexy, Fierce and a downright badass, she has been trained to kill ever since her parents died when she was nine and was taken into the French Mafia. Not only has she suffered pain of her parents death and her training but also like every other normal girl in the world A HeartBreak.

What happens when the French Mafia becomes a threat to Marco and Isabella turns to find out to be betrayed again but now by her own family. 

What happens when these two meet and cant resist each other? What happens when Sparks Fly? And What happens when Marco Decides to make Isabella his?

Will he succeed? Will he be able to mend her broken heart? 

Read to Find out.


This Book Has Mature Content and Frequent Use Of Abusive Language.

13+ suggested but if you are under well I cant stop you, read at your own risk.

AvianaHope AvianaHope Oct 27
Lol reading this to see if it has stuff about the gambinos or the genoveses
Temi122 Temi122 Aug 13
interesting story, i this plot is very interesting. idk if i am a fan of this type of writing, but its totally worth reading .Nice story, and I hope it gets tons of veiws.
It sounds great but i noticed that somethings were mis spelt and stuff so maybe read through it again or if you want i can edit it for you. 😊
Try separating the dialogue here, since there are two people talking.
rhon671 rhon671 Oct 26
Oh I'm interested. Mafia King wants someone that's not any normal gal but an assassin. This should be very interesting. So here I go 😉😜
Thank you try spreading the story if that's no problem for you @giyamalik