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Who Am Eye?

Who Am Eye?

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fireflower By BluebellaMortimer Updated Aug 15, 2016

The year is 1994.  The Artist finds himself in a situation no one ever thought could happen.  How does he get out of it, or perhaps more importantly, how did he get there in the first place?

ShortyRaRa ShortyRaRa Jul 27, 2016
I was three in 1994, BTW I'll be reading in a second I just wanted to give you a star first! :D
wreka_stow wreka_stow Jul 27, 2016
Can't remember who he is, still as charming as ever though!! Love it.
BluebellaMortimer BluebellaMortimer Jul 24, 2016
I appreciate that.  Only have a few notes I've put together.  If you like, I can send them to you for some feedback.
BluebellaMortimer BluebellaMortimer Jul 24, 2016
Would be a romance, but not used to writing more explicit scenes, and not sure if I could even write them well.  Have a few ideas for plot in point form.  Trying to see if the plot would even be something people would find interesting.  Thanks for the support Brit.  :)
LadyDJFAMily LadyDJFAMily Oct 22, 2016
This is suspense because Prince is the sign of the twins...Gemini
purplecandlelight purplecandlelight Jul 27, 2016
Oh Prince with amnesia!? Now this is going to be an exciting read. You've got a great start here and the places this could go...😍😍