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Alicia By AliciaMarino Completed

Two very different worlds. 

Two very different men. 

And one woman who has to choose between the life that she knew and the one that lies ahead...


Gillian Clarke finds herself thrust into a new world- a subject to sorcery and witchcraft, brought by the harsh realities of fate. 

The time? 1713, in fact. 

Oh yes, life is suddenly very different for a 21st century girl from Florida. Not to mention the fact that this fate- is not her own. It's the calling to a man she's only known for a few short weeks- Symon Macintosh, the man destined to lead, destined for power. This sick twist of fate seems to have brought her along for the ride. 

That is until she meets another man, a healer, and suddenly the two worlds, once so clear, begin to blur, forcing her to realize that maybe, just maybe, she is part of something much bigger than herself.