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Alicia By AliciaMarino Completed

Two very different worlds. 

Two very different men. 

And one woman who has to choose between the life that she knew and the one that lies ahead...


Gillian Clarke finds herself thrust into a new world- a subject to sorcery and witchcraft, brought by the harsh realities of fate. 

The time? 1713, in fact. 

Oh yes, life is suddenly very different for a 21st century girl from Florida. Not to mention the fact that this fate- is not her own. It's the calling to a man she's only known for a few short weeks- Symon Macintosh, the man destined to lead, destined for power. This sick twist of fate seems to have brought her along for the ride. 

That is until she meets another man, a healer, and suddenly the two worlds, once so clear, begin to blur, forcing her to realize that maybe, just maybe, she is part of something much bigger than herself.

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I'm about to be transported on a magical journey once again ❤️I've left this one to read after I finished the last one
Oi she gonna be doing the dirty with people other than her future hubby😛😛😛
Just bc his ancestors are known to have a temper. It doesnt mean he has a free pass for behaving like a total douchebag
AdrienneStinson AdrienneStinson Aug 04, 2016
❤️ Can't wait to see how this story unfolds. Her man is a d-bag though. Lol
fionakeane fionakeane Sep 14, 2016
She doesn't believe she is self-assured, but she is much stronger than she realizes as she can analyze and comprehend every action of Symon's. Her heart might be unsure, but is quite strong already!
literally_me__ literally_me__ Aug 05, 2016
I don't usually read things like this, but I love all your works so imma read it anyways lol.