Life Can't Be RESET [UnderTale]

Life Can't Be RESET [UnderTale]

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Kaitlyn By Dragonfire719 Updated Jul 05, 2020

Pacifist. Neutral. Genocide. SAVE. LOAD. RESET. Over, and over again. Living through an endless loop has started to take its toll on Sans. Eventually, he just doesn't care anymore. It's the same routine, scripted as if it were some endless book, a never ending cycle. Becoming withdrawn is one thing, depression is another.. Thoughts of suicide is when things get out of hand. Especially when people start to notice. So after monsters finally make it to the surface, they get a little worried for their skeletal friend. Too bad it'll just repeat again... Right? 

[WARNING: story contains depression, PTSD, graphic violence, and thoughts of suicide, more info inside]

(I do not own cover image; can be found in my "favs" on my DA. All rights to their respected owners.)

Be aware, I started writing this when I was , like, 14. While some of it's nowhere near as cringy as I expected, I advise you stick to at least chapter 3 until you decide if it's worth reading or not.]