Once Masked

Once Masked

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Shannon By liveandlove10 Updated Aug 07

Brie LeClere wasn't known for being quiet, so it wasn't any surprise when she let Liam Kelley have a piece of her mind. What she didn't know, was the same person she'd just crossed was the same person who'd save her life.

Liam was a promising young entrepreneur by day, and a street-smart, villain fighting, superhero by night. He didn't like the cheesy description either. The title "superhero" was such a stigma in a world where anyone who thought twice about being a real-life Avenger would be labeled insane.

What could he say? Fighting the bad guys was better than fighting his conscience.

Brie knows there's more to Liam than he portrays, but with an identity to keep under wraps Liam doesn't know who he can trust.

With danger on the horizon, criminals running rampant, and a daunting super-villain threatening to destroy them all, those once masked can't stay hidden for long. Liam included.

Gabbie2345 Gabbie2345 Aug 09
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Okay that was really weird. Idk what I was thinking when I typed that
yikepsyche yikepsyche Jul 28
omg so excited!!! i just finished Matched, im so ready to read some more of your work!!
hamnah_asim hamnah_asim Nov 26
omg Mathew god I'm always in love with your characters and the people you chose to portray them
It's amazing, I actually really liked it though I'm not one for superhero stories usually!
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