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❝@fiftyshadesofemalia: april ludgate is my spirit animal❞
❝@vancityreynolds: does that make me your andy dwyer?❞

ryan reynolds x oc

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Charleyyamelia Charleyyamelia Apr 18, 2017
Yes Ron thou, there does need to be more good fanfics about it 😔
LeeForShort LeeForShort Aug 09, 2016
Parks and rec rules my heart, this feels like a story I will love
volbeats volbeats Jul 25, 2016
aw you're welcome sweets:) I'm excited to read more of this story! xx
ronniesdylan ronniesdylan Feb 28, 2017
i just watched this episode bc i just started watching the 100 hahaha
Emleo22 Emleo22 Dec 18, 2016
YAS! I love parks and recreation. I wish there was good fanfic written about it tho😞
walkerstark walkerstark Aug 15, 2016
Omg I love this tv show. Ron Swanson is legit my spirit animal