A Love To Fear || Jimin FF [18+]

A Love To Fear || Jimin FF [18+]

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BangtanFlowerBoys By BangtanFlowerBoys Updated Dec 24, 2017

"These hands.. are the hands of a killer."

I didn't know how to stop loving someone as dangerous, tainted and flawed as him. 

His touch was like heroin in my veins, and I was a grateful addict. The contrast between pleasure and pain he always delivered to me. Violence and gentleness. I couldn't get enough. 
His face, that looked so pure and innocent. So sweet and beautiful. How could someone like him.. be so messed up from the inside. 

Dreams that you think are coming true turn into nightmares.. Especially when you meet your bias Jimin. 
but will this hatred eventually turn into love...?

When you finally get closer to him, you find out he's not the person you thought.  A dark and twisted side you'd never imagined, mixed with weird kinks and erotica.

[This story contains SMUT (BDSM, violence) and twisted psychopathic behaviour⚠️]

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Sugas_Mxchi Sugas_Mxchi Sep 02, 2017
When the characters name is the same as yours and the book has smut in it😏😏😏
begin_to_lie begin_to_lie Oct 21, 2017
Girl you put my life and thoughts in that paragraph right there
Easy. Slap some sense into them and tell them to get a reality check cuz you're a 21 year old woman who needs some freedom.
Muna_moon Muna_moon Jul 28, 2016
Oh I thought she was dreaming again lol I was going to be mad haha
ArnisaHaxhijaj ArnisaHaxhijaj Feb 27, 2017
omg you know me very well cuz i'm a foreigner in the Netherlands to but i'm stil on school
EthanTalaese12345 EthanTalaese12345 Feb 23, 2017
Bruh same here! I sighed because I thought it was a dream again hahahha