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Diabolik lovers---yui's sister?!

Diabolik lovers---yui's sister?!

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__namjoon__ By attack_on_erenxlevi_ Updated Mar 19

Yui and her sister had to go to the sakamaki mansion. Something that shocked the brothers was that they were twins! (Y/n) didn't even look like her so called "twin". But there is a secret behind as to why (y/n) acts the way she does. She refuses to tell the brothers till one day they eventually find out. What is (y/n's) secret. And what is she really hiding this from not only the vampires but from yui?

Started: July 24, 2016 
Ended: February 4, 2017

KetsuekiSeishin KetsuekiSeishin 7 days ago
If it's me I would bite  her. Get a life you attention seeker
If I was was yui's twin irl I would have said everyone of those abusive words! #NoRegrets
Edens_Rose Edens_Rose Dec 03, 2016
I swear to God if dis bitch (yui) don stahp touching meh...
                              I'll break her arm, rip it off her shoulder and smack her with it till she change colours
X_LunaShips_X X_LunaShips_X Oct 24, 2016
I'm A Bit Like Subaru And Shu XD Shu Cause I Sleep On A Couch,Subaru Cause I Am Hot Tempered :3
I so far like your story, It's just maybe finding out where to put coma's, periods, and apostrophes at the right places will make it sound more sense and ..better I should say? And maybe less dramatic but dramatic at the same time. 
                              Sory If I sounded mean!
this was pretty good not dramatic at all well a lil but that made it interesting