Me, My Step Brother & My Best Friend (Boyxboy) (IN MAJOR EDITING)

Me, My Step Brother & My Best Friend (Boyxboy) (IN MAJOR EDITING)

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I've written this story ages ago and I'll be editing it soon since it's terrible with grammar and basically everything. You've been warned.

Seth Miller is your typical high school boy, however he's gay and is still inside the closet. The only person who knows that he's gay is his best friend, Aaron. Unfortunately Seth has a crush on his best friend but Aaron's straight and he doesn't know what to do with his feelings.

Seth's life is about to get even more complicated when his dad gets remarried and he has a new step brother, Sebastian. When Seth saw Sebastian for the first time, he fell in love. However his feelings for Aaron is still there. Is there a rule saying the heart can only love one person or can it be two?

Whats worst is that a week later when Seth goes into Sebastian's room and he sees that his step brother's riding on Aaron?! so is Aaron gay, straight or bi? And what will happen between the three boys? Will there be love or just nightmares?

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nolifeweeb nolifeweeb 2 days ago
Lol rich people can just go to another country cuz they think there’s good restaurants
It’s true, I’m British and a dude and American girls love it BUT IM AS STRAIGHT AS A CIRCLE AND I HAVE A BOYFRIEND SOOOO
DemonicLamp DemonicLamp Oct 12
BOY YOU DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT LOVE IS! (says the one who’s never been in love)
Short black hair and eyelashes reminded my of one of my male friends..... Now its weird😅
MaybeNot__ MaybeNot__ Nov 28
right. mhm. they must be straight because after they finish they'll say, "but no homo tho."
DemonicLamp DemonicLamp Oct 12
I had to sit down for a solid 30 minutes and just think about what I’m doing with my life