In embarking on a journey to unveil his father's long held secret, a young man finds that in the end, what he discovers is himself.
    This story is based on the life of my father. Book II is about 90 percent true. :-)
    For those of you who wonder what 'Hainan Dao' means: Hainan is the island at the southernmost tip of China. Dao may mean 'island', though it may also mean 'the way of', as in Daoism or Taoism, or Tae Kwon Dao. Make sense?
It's great that you wrote this as a tribute to him! I can't wait to finish reading it now that I know it has a personal touch :D
I feel like I may have started to read this before but never got into it...? Not sure why, because it's very interesting~
                                    The main character sounds like he may have a lot in common with you, could this be a sneaky autobiography? :P
Just read the first chapter,  I like it so far  I haven't been reading for awhile now and I'm glad I came across your story. 
                                    I enjoy this story. I love autobiographies, even though this is only 90% true.
Magic or not, popular or no, don't let that put you off! Follow your creative urge, I say :-)
I feel I have to write and say thank you. Just read the first chapter and it's very well written. Full of emotion and feeling, balanced with good description of surroundings. I've voted, and will be following you.
                                    Very inspirational.