Dragon Powers

Dragon Powers

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The Big Four By 22FantasyLover22 Completed

HTTYD Fan Fiction 

Young Hiccup had run into the woods to escape the other kids taunting him and laughing at him. When someone had managed to shoot down a Night Fury during a raid, Hiccup made a decision that changed his life for ever. 

I do not own HTTYD or any of the characters.

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BerkianViking BerkianViking Jun 05, 2017
I have officially died. Poor Hiccup. Snotlout though xD: That is literally the most EPIC way anyone has failed!
EmilyPettingill223 EmilyPettingill223 Jun 21, 2017
Wait...kill a dragon at 8 years old? That's a lot to ask of a little boy....
HolyYoutube3nity HolyYoutube3nity Jun 19, 2017
This is why I love fanfics! This books authors writing is amazing!!
I_will_be_alright I_will_be_alright Dec 08, 2017
*cracks knuckles* Some one's gonna get the snot beat out of em' tonight.
Chess_Cat Chess_Cat Jul 08, 2017
You may not be able to kill a dragon but you'll maybe be the first to ride one.
HolyYoutube3nity HolyYoutube3nity Jun 19, 2017
When you feel the same way most of life as your  favourite character