Dragon Powers

Dragon Powers

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HTTYD Fan Fiction 

Young Hiccup had run into the woods to escape the other kids taunting him and laughing at him. When someone had managed to shoot down a Night Fury during a raid, Hiccup made a decision that changed his life for ever. 

I do not own HTTYD or any of the characters.

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- - Jun 05, 2017
I have officially died. Poor Hiccup. Snotlout though xD: That is literally the most EPIC way anyone has failed!
lichen8 lichen8 Mar 26
Oh my Thor!!!
                              Hiccup as a child!!!
                              He is sooooooo adorable!!!
                              I want to hug him!!!
I_will_be_alright I_will_be_alright Dec 08, 2017
*cracks knuckles* Some one's gonna get the snot beat out of em' tonight.
bookeatingworm bookeatingworm Jul 18, 2017
I couldn't help myself with your book. Hiccup looked so adorable in the cover.
thepurplenightfury14 thepurplenightfury14 Jun 06, 2017
F snoutlout. At least hiccups trying and does he think he can do better
SerenityTheKitsune SerenityTheKitsune Mar 02, 2017
Awwwww I can imagine Hiccup really cute here..... *dies from cuteness*