I Have How Many Mates?!

I Have How Many Mates?!

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E-X-Hoe By Bangtang_Bitch Updated Nov 30

This story is an AU and is very explicit. It contains sex, violence, heartbreak, Jealousy, excessive cursing etc. Descriptions aren't my thing so lets see how this goes. 

  Ariana is a famous singer world wide with a big secret. She is apart of the supernatural world. She is three things: Vampire, Werewolf, and Witch. Commonly known as the 'Hybrid Witch' or 'The Phoenix', if you want to get technical. She goes on a trip to Korea to sign a contract with SM entertainment. The contract is to have her go on tour with a Korean boy band named 'Exo'. Exo, contains twelve boys: 
And Suho. 
These boys, who we all know are extremely good looking, are also apart of the supernatural world. They are all hybrids. Half Vampire, half Werewolf. Since they are half vampire, they are apart of a coven together, conveniently called Exo, which means that they all share one mate. What happens when their mate happens to be Ariana? How will she react to having Twelve mates? Join her through her adventure as she faces many obstacles that may or may not break her.

   How was that for a description? Seriously, tell me if i did good on it.

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