The Accident (hunhanff)

The Accident (hunhanff)

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Meghan By lovingluhanexo Updated Jul 17

Luhan is betrayed by his best friend when finding out that he begins dating his longtime crush, Sehun. He pretends not to be hurt by this but in reality, it's killing him on the inside. But he never thought that a mistake he would continually make would have a life changing consequence. 

AN//  Sorry if it's a little fast at first but I want to get straight to the point with the story! I really hope you guys like it and will enjoy this because I know some won't like it and some will! And I hope everyone will like it!!!

WARNING this book continues mature and explicit content, male pregnancy, smut, fluff, cursing, etc. so if you don't want to read stuff like that, then this is not a book for you!!! You've been warned!!;)

Meh.... inner jin mario cart superfan. Inner namjoon a turtle
-sugacube -sugacube Jul 20
I'm scared now because I'm planning to dye my hair soon and I hate sitting for too long
So what date him after they break up. If Baekhyun tells you that he feels it's wrong you tell him that you like him and that he should be happy that one of you ended up with him. See how he feels
-sugacube -sugacube Jul 20
I can see me and my mom doing this one day oh lord.. And the ice cream parlor is right around the corner from where I live..
Diva_Bacon Diva_Bacon Jul 29
*wacks tf outta Sehun with my pan* 
                              Not even five minutes into this story and I'm already down with Seahoon.