The Music In You (Exo Boyxboy)

The Music In You (Exo Boyxboy)

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misunilover324 By misunilover324 Updated Nov 19

Tao can't speak, but is amazing at playing the violin,
 suho can't walk properly so he's been in a wheelchair, but can play the harp well..
kyungsoo can't hear, but has been playing the cello since he was kid, as well as his voice, 
xiumin has a weak heart, but he can play the piano ever since he can remember..

Luhan can't see because of an accident, but can play the clarinet before he lost his sight,
Baekhyun was born with one eye his normal brown eyes while the other one has a color or light silver, but he's been playing the flute since he was a kid..

These 6 not so normal teens, were bullied, abuse, and became outcasts because of their disorder, but what will happen if 6 prince came and change everything and prove to them they are special, and that they have talent..

Omo this story seems like it's going to be a sad and great story
This reminds me of a song called, "Butterfly on your right shoulder"
If i was in this book i would beat up everybody that made fun of them i already know my lines and i think baeks eyes or cute who doesnt want mitchmak eyes i know i want them
KaOmTbllPe KaOmTbllPe Aug 03
*Sobs* The princes' finally came! 
                              Jin and Yoongi
                              Vernon and Dino 😆
                              Keep up the amazing work! (Had to keep revising this comment)
Please update soon! Im looking SOOOOO forward to this! Urghh.....the feels...
KaOmTbllPe KaOmTbllPe Aug 01
Did you got Xiumin's illness from the music video he starred in Jin - Gone?
                              If so then that was 😁😄 BEAUTIFUL !
                              As well as the Tao, Baekhyun, Kyungsoo, Luhan, and Suho.
                              😋 *Crying a river of tears*