His Child..  °^NaLu^°

His Child.. °^NaLu^°

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Da Ship Queen By Queen_Mirajane Updated Oct 12

It was one crazy night..
I got caught up in the action, I was stupid and didn't know what to think.
She just looked so beautiful and I couldn't help myself.
We both knew what we were doing but yet, we still continued.. Not thinking about the consequences.
We didn't know what was going to happen.. 


I knew he was staring at me.. But I thought nothing of it. We were just friends, nothing else. 
Then one accident led to another. And now.. 
I'm pregnant with his child.

A single woman.. Who still lives in a apartment and can barely pay rent.
Is going to have a baby?

I can't let him know about it.. But I won't be able to hide it from him forever..
And it doesn't help that my father arranged for me to marry a guy I don't know.. But the things I've heard about him..

Are terrible

I'm only 12 but sorry levy mine r I'd say a cup size bigger. I'm so sorry levy... but on the bright side think of baby's! They have no chest area so don't worry ur not the only one!
Queen_Mirajane Queen_Mirajane 2 days ago
Okay, I know levy has curves, but its just a jokeee, for the story. 
                              So before you Levy experts come in and start correcting me..
                              I know. Okay? I know.
                              Just chill.
bbyjenna bbyjenna Sep 11
It's ok I have a flat chest and no curves. were all in this together
She is not flat chested and her lower body ( waist and thighs) are bigger than her upper body... That's a good sign
Whaaat cliffhangin me like that thats not fair 😡😡😡😡😡