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Shocked. A story of Predator and Prey.

Shocked. A story of Predator and Prey.

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Jeniya By Lost_without_words Completed

Predator and Prey, together in a relationship. An unlikely pair. But even more unlikely when the couple is biological predator and prey. But biology isn't going to put a dent in the relationship of Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps, that's for sure. But theres something besides biology in the way of their relationship. Nicholas's tame collar. An awful thing all predators were forced to wear since they're childhood. The collar would shock them, starting at their neck, then traveling throughout the rest of their body if they showed 'savage' like behavior. But of course. No predator ever did. And Nick thought of a solution. Nick is the proud owner of a amusement park; Wild Times. Which is for predators only. Being that everything else in Zootopia was also segregated, to 'Predators only' or 'No predators allowed'. At this park, Nick is able to take off the predators collars once they enter the park, using a special tool that was given to him by Judy. It is a tool that is used to take off the tame collars. And only ZPD officers that are prey are allowed to possess one. But it gives predators some relief at the park without their collars. But even with his collar off. Nicks relationship with Judy is anything but relief from the discrimination he gets for being a predator.

(No art is mine)

Jess-V Jess-V Dec 09, 2016
This was so good! When I stared read I couldn't stop! And the note was my faverouite!❤
FoxesnBoxes FoxesnBoxes Jul 25, 2016
The note was adorable oh my goodness! 😂💕 I love your stories so much. 💖
merylus25 merylus25 Jul 25, 2016
😍😍😍😍😍😍 this history is. ....    🙆🙆👌💓💓 continúe please
FoxesnBoxes FoxesnBoxes Jul 26, 2016
i can't tell you how much i love this story! it has so much potential and it's absolutely amazingly played out! LOVE IT! 💖💖
Great chapter, although what's the conflict? Is it that they are trying to get use to the collar law or are they trying to fix it? What will get the collar off of Nick? I might private message you all of this.
Jess-V Jess-V Dec 10, 2016
Even though we never saw this in he movie, it still reminds me of Zootopia!😄