Laugh Out Loud! - The Joke Book

Laugh Out Loud! - The Joke Book

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Sam By Whisperingwater Updated Nov 10, 2015

Laughter is the antidote to most of life's miseries. Here's a plethora of ridiculousness tied in a bundle of common sense to tickle your funny bones.   

Jokes to tell family, jokes to share with your friends or jokes to read all by yourself to feel better. If you are looking for a book that makes you fall on the floor laughing - well you just found it.   

→ Disclaimer: May contain non-universally understood sense of humor. ←

(I would like to add that none of these jokes belong to me, they are here just to be shared. So if you wanna share something, feel free to message me!)

[Please think before complaining about the jokes, because I don't write them! Thank you.]

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geecook geecook Jan 23, 2018
I read “lunch out loud”... nope, it’s just my eyes playing tricks on me since it’s 1 am. Don’t sleep late, kids.
Devan100 Devan100 Mar 11, 2016
Where are the jokes?
                              I was going to do some of them to my grandmother
Tesla007 Tesla007 Jun 14, 2016
Where is the jokes  !?I was going to do some of them to my friends
Lolbittt Lolbittt Sep 13, 2016
I'm blond but I don't find anything insulting except getting my food stolen lol
baisakhighosh baisakhighosh Feb 25, 2017
I'll have to say, the comments are funnier than the actual joke...but enjoyed it!
lunatickookie lunatickookie Oct 18, 2015
Okay there's a girl right in front of me whose name is Julie and she likes French