Boy in Luv (Suga/Min Yoongi x Reader)

Boy in Luv (Suga/Min Yoongi x Reader)

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F⃟E⃟R⃟N⃟W⃟E⃟H⃟ By DyingReality Updated Jan 31

What is it about you? Are you really that great? You turn a young man into a little kid who does stupid things for your attention.

But he's thirsty for your love, and he'll have you no matter what.

Infired by the song 'Boy in Luv'.

godamn_kpop godamn_kpop Feb 10
Oh god i always hated uniforms. At least my school doesn't have a dressing code or else i couldn't dress up like the obviously emo kid that sits in the back lmao.
godamn_kpop godamn_kpop Feb 13
Wait what you're confUSING MEE YOU TOLD HIM you know what nvmd ima just read
me: *turns to bts* this is why we cant have nice things fellas
godamn_kpop godamn_kpop Feb 13
CHEMICALS IM SORRY BUT IM NOT OVER MY PHASE *aggressively hits the g note*
Lifestrings Lifestrings Aug 29, 2016
OMGGGGG!!! I'm so proud of you <3  And aww I was more than happy to help, infact I LOVE working with you! Quality bonding time ya know *smirk* I love you!!!
Nonym1 Nonym1 Jan 31
Who said it was a good idea to give him something expensive?