Boy in Luv (Suga/M.YG x Reader)

Boy in Luv (Suga/M.YG x Reader)

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❀em vince❀ By AnArtistInTheYewTree Updated Jun 09

What is it about you? Are you really that great? You turn a young man into a little kid who does stupid things for your attention.

But he's thirsty for your love, and he'll have you no matter what.

Infired by the song 'Boy in Luv'.

[High School!AU]
WARNING: lots of swearing, too much of fluff, dirty jokes, slow updates.

Im clumsy too, I accidentally broke my sister's tripod just by holding it......
Omg this LITERALLY me and my best friend, since she's really cheerful and full of energy while I'm really sarcastic, lazy and don't really talk much XD
That really wasn't a roast tbh, I can show you and you can be my guinea pig.
                              Oops I'm 'her'
I mean you can kiss me somewhere else...... 🌚🌚🌚🌚
btsnbooks btsnbooks Mar 14
That's my profile pic on everything that my parents aren't on
You got jams
                              -shows a pic if suga putting his midfinger up-
                              Yeah you definitely have jams