Fairy Tail Mental Hospital 🌟Discontinued FOR now🌟

Fairy Tail Mental Hospital 🌟Discontinued FOR now🌟

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CandyProductions X By ItsCandy_xoxo Updated Oct 11, 2017

3 Floors , first floor Lounge for the 'sick' , second floor for the 'Suffering' , Floor three with only 1 person in the 'Pyschos' 

Natsu a 2nd floorer with an addiction of burning himself,
Lucy a 3rd floorer with suicide attempts and imaginary friends , most dangerous patient.
And a lot of others with a miserable past.

She sneaks out to talk to others for once
He is intrigued by her
She tried to commit Suicide
He stopped her
They fear her
She has a nickname from all the others 
Miss Mental.

Warning: Contains Self Harm and Triggerings.

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amberlight- amberlight- Jul 27, 2016
+ whenever someone starts talking, you need to start a new paragraph :)
                              please don't dislike me for correcting you, I just want to let you know. good story c: