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Gabriela By asagittarius Updated Aug 07, 2016

[Rewritten Version of Sleeping Beauty]

Anna moves into her new hometown with her grandmother. Her life gets turned upside down as she meets new people and enters a different world. Things start to get strange when a man, a stranger, visits her one night and touches her. When she finds out who he is, she finds out who she truly is.

Warning: Strong Language, Sexual Content (16+)

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poohnikki poohnikki Jul 27, 2016
Loved it....
                              I'm so excited for this story..
                              Finally u r updating this story again ...
                              Keep updating💝💝
reallyaudree reallyaudree Jul 27, 2016
Hey just a suggestion from a fan that loves this book , can you consider writing in Anna's point of view this time . Cause I really want to connect with the character .
Ham12332 Ham12332 Jul 27, 2016
It's like almost the same thing... I still love it 😍😍😍
Hannah567656 Hannah567656 Jul 27, 2016
I can't wait for it!!!!! I loved the other one and I know I'll love this one!!!!
skiesandblues skiesandblues Jul 28, 2016
One thing that still surprises me when I read your version of Sleeping Beauty is how Ana stays asleep during the whole prologue XD she's either a VERY deep sleeper or one who has a vivid imagination that dreams like that doesn't bother her. Seriously. Haha :))
shirinxx shirinxx Oct 27, 2016
@asagittarius so this story is just as same as sleeping beauty or what? why the rewritten version though? sorry im just confused :-\