Toys are to play

Toys are to play

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Bella By GreekPie Completed

'I kept staring that photograph for a minute, maybe 10 seconds. He took something out of his jeans pocket. "I forgot to give this to you yesterday." 

       He was holding a little ice cream cone made of plastic, small and defenseless. I stopped breathing and grabbed it carefully from his muscular hand. 

       At once, the ice cream felt heavier than it was supposed to be, growing bigger and bigger each second until we both could admire a normal-sized cone spilling vanilla flavor.

       Oliver smirked, and slowly approached his beautiful face from mine; his lips touched my ear. A shock came spreading electricity and I had to hold myself from fainting.  

         "See, Angel..? In your hands, toys are more than toys." He whispered. 

        I melted and died 174 times that moment. 

       And without other words, my piece of planet turned and disappeared through a big door made of sadness and glass. Oliver Snowfields was gone.'


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