Boku no hero academia/ My hero academia One Shots

Boku no hero academia/ My hero academia One Shots

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DekuLovesU<3 By superdooperme Updated Aug 18, 2016


Character X fem!reader
Character X male!reader
Character X reader X character 
Please make your requests on the first page. 

Thank you and I hope you enjoy ! \(>.<)/

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CatPurplexX CatPurplexX May 08
It's like a small kid wants to sit on my lap and after a while it goes numb.
Plz do an aizawa x reader! And could u make her quirk cat, like she can have the ability of a cat and turn into one! Thanxs!
Mochi-Mari Mochi-Mari Jul 10
Could you do a Kirishima x fem! Reader please like something fluff like and cute  :3
koouha koouha Aug 18, 2016
If you have trade the manga can you make a DabI X Fem Reader... Idk what the story would be like I'm not unique XD or if you haven't read the manga a Kaminari X Fem Reader?
Unknown_Oddity Unknown_Oddity Jul 26, 2016
Nyanya >~< Dont look down on yourself , everyone make mistakes and become better
WakaSushi-chan WakaSushi-chan Nov 28, 2016
Oh please you have talent a lot more than me that is plus mistakes are bound to happen but that shouldn't stop you