Boku no hero academia/ My hero academia One Shots

Boku no hero academia/ My hero academia One Shots

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DekuLovesU<3 By superdooperme Updated Aug 18, 2016


Character X fem!reader
Character X male!reader
Character X reader X character 
Please make your requests on the first page. 

Thank you and I hope you enjoy ! \(>.<)/

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Can you do a Bakugou x Reader lime where he walks in on (Y/N) changing after training together? They are friends before Katsuki walks in, but  (Y/N) will find out about his true feelings when he does walk in.
Tukayria04 Tukayria04 Dec 10, 2017
Aizawa X stressed,  shy, Tsundere reader? 
                    's been relly hard at work for the past couple weeks, and the stress is becoming too much. When ever Aizawa asks about it you say your fine, but one night he catches you crying from all the stress.....
                              SORRY IF ITS TOO MUCH
Nevereverbeats Nevereverbeats Dec 07, 2017
Could you do a monoma x reader angst? There aren't many of those around.
TheDapperCat TheDapperCat Aug 28, 2017
Plz do an aizawa x reader! And could u make her quirk cat, like she can have the ability of a cat and turn into one! Thanxs!
Mochi-Mari Mochi-Mari Jul 10, 2017
Could you do a Kirishima x fem! Reader please like something fluff like and cute  :3
koouha koouha Aug 18, 2016
If you have trade the manga can you make a DabI X Fem Reader... Idk what the story would be like I'm not unique XD or if you haven't read the manga a Kaminari X Fem Reader?