My Arrogant, Over Protective Mate

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Abby By katnisslerman16 Completed
Haven Mathie was forced to move all the way across the country. Why? Because she turned into a gigantic wolf on her sixteenth birthday, leaving her parents a little more than crazy. She's now living with her Aunt all the way in Oregon. She soon finds out that she is not the lone wolf she once thought she was. In fact and entire pack resides in Astoria, Oregon and it just so happens their Alpha is her mate. Haven, not knowing anything about werewolves is more than scared when Logan starts to take an interest in her. Feeling pressured, Haven turns her sights on Jude, a mateless wolf who is more than willing to keep her company. This creates a problem for Logan, who needs to claim Haven as his in order to be a full Alpha male. Will Haven end up with sweet, caring Jude? Or her arrogant, over protective mate?
    As if that isn't hard enough, Haven's life changes forever when a prophecy is made that predicts a dark future for her. With a powerful enemy coming for her, and a spy among their ranks, Haven is in for a lot of trouble.
I'm pretty sure the author likes Oregon. This is the third story I've read with Oregon as a key point...
And she said he damn house was not as good as the mansion but right now I'm Like!!!BIIIIITCH
Wait so basically she is a rogue. Jude and Rachel are apart of a pack they are probably running back to their alpha to tell them about Heaven then we find out their mates. That's what I'm guessing
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The sad thing is school is tomorrow for me ugh how I'd love to have 2 more weeks of school holidays
Something smells wolfie about that house oh wait sorry it's just the pack house