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My Arrogant, Over Protective Mate

My Arrogant, Over Protective Mate

8.2M Reads 188K Votes 27 Part Story
Abigail Lynne By katnisslerman16 Completed

Haven Mathie's life unexpectedly changes when she shifts into a wolf on her seventeenth birthday. Raised as a human, by humans, neither Haven nor her parents understand what's happening to her. Forced to leave her home, Haven travels across the country to Astoria to live with her Aunt. What she finds is a kind friend, an arrogant Alpha male, a pack of werewolves and a world of trouble. While Haven learns to navigate her new life, a dangerous threat and an old prophecy are revealed jeopardizing her and her pack's safety. Haven must learn to accept her mate's protection, and her own feelings, in order to overcome her enemies.

Ded aśś I'm offended cause I don't know about anyone else but I always change the characters name to mine cause what life do I have but anyways IM TRIGGERED.
*says in a singsing voice* They gunna tell ...tell tell tell
j5xmnn j5xmnn Feb 09
My mom: ^^^
                              Me: sure
                              Also me: reads storys till my alarm goes on for school
I have an air Sara who's taken me in..... coincidence.... I THINK MOT
Skylar646 Skylar646 a day ago
She makes me wanna say slot of hurtful things to her since she wants a jackasses attention
Skylar646 Skylar646 a day ago
Oh baby if they easily abandon you when your going through hard times don't mention them as friends