Blow Us All Away ♔ Hamilton

Blow Us All Away ♔ Hamilton

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baguette and beer By CatsInTheVoid Updated Oct 17

a collection of hamilton x readers, imagines, one shots, etc.


requests are open!
fluff, angst, and smut is allowed.

15, except (if possible) change it to why is he here, Lafayette x reader where the reader is Laurens's sister. Thank you!!
Evabbug Evabbug Sep 26
Angelica X reader? idk ab u but I'm bi and I'm in love w Peggy, Maria, and Angelica sm.
010 Jefferson X Reader. Maybe some smut and no specific POV.
- - Aug 13
013 with Alexander X Reader please! (I'm alright with angst so I'll pick this one)
Lafayette (after he goes back to France) and angst.
                              I hope this is okay! ^´^
Any prompt at all but could I also request Peggy x Lafayette? :D