Dear Bully, Dear Victim.

Dear Bully, Dear Victim.

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mikaeladurante By mikaeladurante Updated Aug 10

This is a book about a Victim's P.O.V and a Bully's P.O.V. They both write letters to each other. Everyday. It helps them say or tell things they can't tell others.

The Victim comes first when writing the story and then the Bully. Hope you like this story. I made it while in class. 

Bully = Girl
Victim = Boy

Bai bai ^-^

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megan-riggs megan-riggs Aug 27
I was bullied for 7 years and I had loads of my hair pulled out beaten up etc
Dude, that was no funny but it was funny but it was funny but it wasn't. Omf
I thought these would be heartfelt like, 'I'm just trying to protect you from the danger ahead.'
I got pushed into a road by a bully..I was in shock and my friend had to drag me out
That's just wrong dude, I mean, no one wants to rly do that much damage c'mon
GarbageCanTalk GarbageCanTalk Nov 14, 2016
Hey, just a quick reminder for some people who are quite confused. The bully is a girl and the victim is a boy. Hope things got clear. Thanks