The Billionaire's LOVE | ✔

The Billionaire's LOVE | ✔

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" What have you done to me?'' 

His dark aura screamed danger and his orbs hold no glint of light looking straight to mine, i take step back  distance myself from him until i felt my back blocked by the wall. 

Then, he approached me as he keep getting closer i could feel my body heat raising and i start to panic while thinking what did i ever do to him. 

I didn't realize he is standing in front of me that's when he pressed himself into mine leaving no space. 

He bent down a little to match with my level. His face so close to mine that i could felt his breath fanning against my face. 

That's when i heard his deep voice.

" i hate .... no .... i despise woman but why i don't feel same towards you'' 


Typical Bilionaire: 

Harsh, Ruthless, Cold-hearted, Young(around 24-28 y/o) Extremely rich,player/manwhore and powerful. Most characteristics of billionaire are common with these type.

Not to mention, define Handsome: had a face like greek god and woman literally thrown theirselves at them. So does Devon, all criteria above really fitted his personalities except the Manwhore part. Why?? Tap the READ button if you want to know more. 

Obviously, Seraphina is opposite from him. Even, she had tragic past but it doesn't stop her from believed that every bad things happened had its good. 

Two opposite but somehow had similarities between these two. 

They said, the billionaire always fall for the opposite personalities. Beside, destiny had a ways to set them up by the same terms.  

How's their journey to find love would be?

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BeaB1020 BeaB1020 Apr 20
Good write the meeting will be interesting .They are complete opposites.
KristenGomez786 KristenGomez786 Jun 22, 2017
Hii guys plzz read my story love in new york i hope so u will love it♡♥
hebbaSnobar hebbaSnobar Mar 09
Omg she’s so pretty😩😩😩why did my mother make me ugly
ZaraC23 ZaraC23 Apr 13, 2017
Not gonna lie I drooled but I can't wipe it off when I'm looking at this pictures
lunastellar16 lunastellar16 Nov 23, 2016
i wasn't drooling over him. like, at all. the boy who lives down the street from me is cuter
Quinterburn111 Quinterburn111 Nov 11, 2016
Am already in love with Devon. Not personality but his looks.