Challenge Accepted (Camila/You)

Challenge Accepted (Camila/You)

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OSnapIzCamren By phantom1231 Updated Nov 12

Y/N just moved to Miami for the first time with her friend, Hunter, they've been friends since first grade. Y/N's not the type to be going to parties late at night; drinking, smoking pot, having one night stands. Hunter, however is a party animal and is the complete opposite of Y/N and somehow they remain to stay friends. 

Come to find out that her good friend Hunter? Isn't what he says he is....she also finds out more about herself and her past.

One night Hunter convinces Y/N to go to one of the clubs in Miami since they've just moved and want to celebrate. Y/N wasn't keen at first but says yes anyway. 

Little did they know Fifth Harmony was going to the exact same club. Camila sees Y/N and was challenged...

What was the challenge? Will they meet? What happens next? Read on to find out.

XXVIILaur XXVIILaur Aug 08
Come harder just because
                              I don't like it, like it too soft
                              I like it a little rough
                              Not too much, but maybe just enough
tottsss tottsss Oct 01
Well your not wrong about that.. I'm more on the cute or hot side so💁🏻