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Chains And Whips ☆ Frerard

Chains And Whips ☆ Frerard

22.1K Reads 1.5K Votes 8 Part Story
☆ By DoctorGay Completed

[Cover by; MyAnonymousRomance]

[There is no sex with minors in this book, despite what it may seem; I can assure you of that]

Gerard had only been eight when it had happened.

Frank was sadistic.. Psychotic, even. He had wanted the boy for himself and nothing would stop him from that.

The younger succumbed to this new life of chains and barely any food.. But it all changed the day he turned sixteen.

[Warnings: This is going to be very dark. Starvation, torture, forced into sexual acts, smut, blood, violence]

I'm leading myself down a dark path, but I just met a hot stranger who promised me lollies so let's go :D :D :D
his 8 year old brain is filled with dramatic words over a toy. beautiful
I'm Gerard in this situation and I don't really like it because it's unfair to my sister and I really care about her
i actually did that when i was a kid, too. my mum wouldn't buy me an ice cream so i stormed off. whoops.
Fronk if this was irl I would be like "hell nah" but its a fanfic so TAKE THE GERARD
Lmao I was never a bratty child. I just shut my mouth and did anything related to music