Chains And Whips ☆ Frerard

Chains And Whips ☆ Frerard

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Ciah By DoctorGay Completed

[There is no sex with minors in this book, despite what it may seem; I can assure you of that]

Gerard had only been eight when it had happened.

Frank was sadistic.. Psychotic, even. He had wanted the boy for himself and nothing would stop him from that.

The younger succumbed to this new life of chains and barely any food.. But it all changed the day he turned sixteen.

[Warnings: This is going to be very dark. Starvation, torture, forced into sexual acts, smut, blood, violence]

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  • geradway
  • kidnap
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  • nonconsensual
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Alex_PNE Alex_PNE Nov 24
Hmmm well I uhhh would probably would say yes...but if it wasn’t any of my favorite band members then no STRANGER DANGER😂
NoMoreEver NoMoreEver Oct 10
I'm mentally preparing myself for this, I absolutely love dark and twisted stories but must prepare for them
See if it wasn't pedo Frank I would be sooooo turned on but like
When I was eight I was convinced I was going to go to Hogwarts. On my eleventh birthday, I was heartbroken.
I mean if Frank iero were to kidnap me I would probably try to kiss him in the first place
Oh yeah, when I was 8, I cheated on a spelling test and felt really guilty about it. Almost to the point I cried. My teacher never knew though. The word was ‘Area’