My Sensual Hybrid.~Larry Stylinson

My Sensual Hybrid.~Larry Stylinson

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Kay Ste By HybridLove Updated Sep 22, 2013


Warnings:Smut, Language, BoyxBoy, Hybrid. Don't like? Don't read. 



 One thing is for sure, having a Hybrid is extremely rare. You're family has to be rich to own one, and you'd be very popular. Having a Hybrid is very expensive to maintain, and you need lots of privileges. 

 How To Please Your Hybrid, and Keep Them Happy: 

 1.Do not neglect.

 2.Tell them everything, don't keep a single secret.

 3.Have trust in them.

 4.Love them.


 6.Engage in sexual activity.

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Larry_stylinson91 Larry_stylinson91 Jul 12, 2016
Even though it hasn't been updated for three years I'm still going to read it cause it looks so good
Dark_DemonMafia Dark_DemonMafia Aug 13, 2014
I'm surprised Harry's the hybrid. its usually the innocent ones. not that im complaining or anything.:-)
chickenwonger chickenwonger Jun 26, 2014
Harry is always so straight forward. and 4 some reason now i feel as if im going 2 explode. The discription of Haz,so cute!