Love Live x Reader Yuri One-shots

Love Live x Reader Yuri One-shots

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SQUAD! By Gozzykill Updated 3 days ago

Yo! I'm writing one shots for love live, this is my first time plz don't go hard on meh~

Oh and requests are open,so ya.

Edit: I'm rewriting some of the one-shots, so please bear with it for a little while..

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Shirei01 Shirei01 Jan 30
Lier Eli Ayase x hurt Reader, the reader and Eli already together but a day she saw Eli kissing another girl on the studen council room.
kanamaris kanamaris Feb 08
could you do mari x popular!reader (who is female?) ? i don't know if you do it, but if so, could you include lemons? :)
MeowPow424 MeowPow424 Dec 27, 2016
Kotori x Deredere! Reader (lemon)
                              surprise me with something kinky ow<
Otaku_GamingZX Otaku_GamingZX Nov 22, 2016
Can I request?I do Can I request a Princess!Maki  x  Assassin!Reader?
Maki x Murderer!Reader...Please dont let the reader kill Maki...The reader is also her classmate and bestfriend.Maki doesnt know about it.
                              Neko!Maki x Kitsune!Reader, can you make this the title for it?The Cats Love for the Fox
JakeIlagan7 JakeIlagan7 Nov 25, 2016
Can you do hanayo x depressed! reader and a Princess! Umi x Assassin reader. Sorry if I put too much on your requests since you are working on a lot