Fight For Love || J.jk

Fight For Love || J.jk

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Hwang Eunrin By HwangEunrin Completed

Eunbi and Jungkook, were friends from the same Dojang. They're unbeatable Taekwondo disciple.

That changed, when one of them left suddenly. Without leaving a single word.

Jungkook met Sinb, his first girlfriend. What is his reaction when he met another Sinb?

Eunbi used her skill in a bad way. When Jungkook finds out about that, will he choose Fight or Love?

Or maybe Fight for Love?

"Better he doesn't know me. He'll scold me until my ears got ripped apart." -Eunbi-

"Why won't she shared her problem with me? Why should she overcomes all this alone?" -Jungkook-

Cover by : @StelAndSel

A sequel from the first book "Is It You?"

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