(Kuro X Eve! reader) Servamp

(Kuro X Eve! reader) Servamp

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Ninja cheesecake By bayley2 Updated 7 days ago

This is set a long time after Mahiru. Since vampires don't age of course. Anyways~ 

Description: School sucks. Life sucks. You don't have any friends; in fact, you were completely alone. That is, until you saw a little stray kitten on the roadside. Finally, you can have a companion! A friend! 

But however... Things aren't what they seem.........

                              NO--WAIT WHA--
Wow I would tottaly do that!  (Am I annoying in this story?!) 😂
Friskabobby Friskabobby Jun 10
I would just end up naming a black cat Ninja or Meow. I'm bad at naming 😂😂
Friskabobby Friskabobby Jun 10
Honestly I keep my curtains closed. They just take too long to open XD
☺I had a fish named blacky untill 😖my grandmas terrorist goldfish ate him.
Finding the people who killed my parents in return for my soul